5 Working from Home Productivity Tips

Working from home comes with its challenges. It’s been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, which led to a drastic shift in remote work. However, much of the corporate world still work remotely. After more than a year of working in the confines of your house, you may need a refresh on working from home best practices. As tech recruiters who also work remotely, we’re sharing our best working from home productivity tips so you can focus on what’s important while staying engaged and motivated and staying on your career path.

1. Designated Workspace

[/fusion_text][fusion_text columns=”” column_min_width=”” column_spacing=”” rule_style=”default” rule_size=”” rule_color=”” hue=”” saturation=”” lightness=”” alpha=”” content_alignment_medium=”” content_alignment_small=”” content_alignment=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” sticky_display=”normal,sticky” class=”” id=”” margin_top=”” margin_right=”” margin_bottom=”” margin_left=”” fusion_font_family_text_font=”” fusion_font_variant_text_font=”” font_size=”” line_height=”” letter_spacing=”” text_transform=”none” text_color=”” animation_type=”” animation_direction=”left” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_offset=””]At this point, you heard about having a clean, designated workspace. This serves as your reminder to commit to it. One of the best tips for working from home effectively remains keeping a designated workspace to stay focused. Kicking it back on your couch or bed may seem comfortable but severely impacts productivity and energy levels.

If you want to achieve the working from home best practices:

  1. Establish boundaries.
  2. Choose a location free of distractions and excellent WIFI connectivity.
  3. Set up your space near a window with natural light if possible.

Sunlight helps you feel awake, improves mood, and appears approachable on camera. If you still hear distracting sounds, turn on a white noise machine.

It would help if you also had an appropriately sized desk that fits your equipment. To sit comfortably, invest in a supportive desk chair and dual-monitor if necessary. Every so often, clean your webcam, so your virtual meetings appear crisp and clear.

Our top working from home productivity tips includes a suitable space. The more your desk feels like an actual work environment, the more likely you’ll be able to stay productive and increase your salary.

2. Focus on Communication

To communicate well in a remote landscape, you must strategize the best ways to get your message across. First, schedule a time for check-ins and one-on-ones.

Instead of using chat or email, pick up the phone or video chat, and call co-workers if you can. This will help maintain a professional work relationship and keep you motivated and on track throughout your day.

3. Maintain a Normal Routine

Maintaining a routine throughout your day determines when you will and will not work for the best firms. Therefore, structure your day as you would in the office. Moreover, keep your schedule focused on accomplishing projects and tasks during work hours.

Avoid pushing tasks into the evening. Instead, imagine leaving the office as you would normally. Creating a schedule that depends less on evening tasks serves as another working from home best practice. When you focus on delegated hours, you’re less likely to procrastinate.

Furthermore, organize your schedule around non-work-related tasks rather than fitting them in the middle of the day. With more flexibility, you may feel tempted to add chores. However, what seems flexibility can quickly turn into hecticness that takes away from your workday.

Lastly, write down the next day’s to-do list. Then, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done tomorrow, which will lead to a better and more productive start to your morning.

4. Take a Lunch Break

On the flip side, some work through their lunch breaks. Skipping your break may seem like a shorter schedule. In reality, it may burn you out faster, ultimately leading you to lose focus.

Other useful working from home productivity tips includes maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Not doing so will only lead to higher chances of stress and burnout. So step away from the computer and give yourself the break you deserve. Make a healthy lunch, go outside for a walk, read a few pages of a book, or even listen to a quick podcast.

Taking a break is just as important as many of our other tips for working from home effectively. It will help you feel refreshed after lunch and help you finish up the afternoon strong.

5. Declutter Your Space 

It’s essential to keep your workspace clean and free of clutter. Studies have found that a messy and cluttered environment can have adverse effects on our stress and anxiety levels and our ability to focus, our eating choices, and even our sleep. 

Keep your space free of items that will not be useful during your day.

If your desk feels too crowded, consider investing in a larger desk. When you end your day, tidy up your workspace, so you start the next day feeling organized and motivated. 

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