Products fused with artificial intelligence are increasingly becoming the new normal. The new normal includes nixing jobs that AI can replace. Some of these you already know about such as cashiers, customer support representatives, receptionists, and factory workers to name a few. As AI continues to advance, more jobs will risk being permanently replaced. This begs the question: will AI replace recruiters?

Recruiters and AI is not a new topic. When the job-sourcing platform Monster debuted in the mid-90s, many predicted that was the beginning of the end for recruiters. However, almost 30 years later, the value of recruiters still exists. On the other hand, many larger companies that require mass hiring speed up the process by using software that reads and sorts resumes. Some roles have felt the impact of automation on recruiters. But that doesn’t mean they will be completely replaced. Here’s why:

AI Lacks Subjectivity to Build Relationships

A good recruiter lands placements. A great recruiter cultivates relationships with past, present, and future candidates. Furthermore, a bad recruiter not only fails to place candidates but gives them the wrong opportunities.

Reactive recruiting consists of placing candidates to any role that opens up regardless of their objectives or needs. AI falls under reactive recruiting.

In contrast, relationship recruiting steadily builds a collection of candidates by taking the time to listen to their wants and needs. By fostering relationships, recruiters get a better understanding of an ideal opportunity for a specific candidate. Mutual understanding leads to effective placements and happy customers, both candidate and employer. This ultimately highlights the value of recruiters and relationships.

It Can’t Differentiate Passive from Active

Without specifically indicating that a candidate is passive or active, AI determines these candidates are the same. Furthermore, it takes more than a dropdown to determine if a candidate hunts for jobs passively or actively. Recruiters develop methods to find passive and active candidates and many of these methods can differ from one another. So when asking will AI replace recruiters, remember not all candidates are created equal.

Advanced Jobs Require More than a Resume

Obviously, valuable experience and certifications foster key candidates. However, employers care about skills and behavior beyond the resume. Many candidates leave a job due to a toxic company culture. They, therefore, place an emphasis on joining a company with a very different atmosphere. Likewise, many employers need candidates to be team players. They need to know that their candidates hold certain personality types to be an integral part of the company environment. 

AI Only has So Much “Intellect”

Today, AI only holds so much intelligence. The tasks AI software completes are very limited in scope. For example, Google even mentioned that its AI software Duplex is limited to, “ … closed domains, which are narrow enough to explore extensively. Duplex can only carry out natural conversations after being deeply trained in such domains. It cannot carry out general conversations.”

group of recruiters strategizing placements and proving AI will not replace recruiters

How it Must Advance

One of the biggest challenges AI faces not only when it comes to recruiters but also being more heavily implemented in complex roles is what engineers consider as “counterfactual.” This is the ability to imagine results, reflect and learn on past actions, and assess situations. In layman’s terms, the biggest downfall of artificial intelligence today is its lack of critical thinking. Critical thinking uses human judgment to be able to analyze certain scenarios. Furthermore, great recruiting depends on critical thinking. By fostering relationships and strategizing ideal placements, AI will not replace recruiters.

That being said, this does not mean that AI has no place in recruiting. The impact of automation on recruiters still exists. However, instead, it forces recruiters to be the best they can be and aids the process in general.

Work with a Recruiter, Not a Machine

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