The Need for Upskilling and Reskilling Your Workforce in 2021

Due to the pandemic, companies scaled infrastructures, adopted new technologies and transitioned to a fully remote workforce. Having a specialized skills shortage increased the concern about the skills gaps worsening as a result. To rise to the challenge, many companies found a need for upskilling and reskilling employees. Professionals discovered they must invest in digital upskilling to meet the demands of business.

A recent report that surveyed 282 training and hiring managers, C-level executives and decision-makers across industries found that 42% of companies increased their digital upskilling efforts after the coronavirus outbreak. From that report, 91% of companies and 81% of employees say upskilling your workforce boosts productivity at work.

Amazon announced a $700 million upskilling/ reskilling initiative to retrain and develop its employees over the next six years. The investments include tuition and curriculum redevelopment, technical programs, and e-learning certifications.

Most organizations do not have the budget to invest in such large programs. However, the need for upskilling and reskilling your workforce remain vital. Other cost-effective ways to introduce upskilling opportunities exist that can enable employees to work on more strategic tasks, boost productivity, and increase revenue through improved experiences.

3 Reasons to Upskill your Team in 2021

1. Attract top talent

Offering tech upskilling programs will help attract the top talent you need to drive your business forward in the new year. Learning and development programs are a desired benefit for job seekers looking to advance their careers and expand existing skill sets.

Providing this will help attract highly qualified candidates with an already extensive set of skills and expertise.

2. Improve employee retention

Providing opportunities for current and new employers to advance their technical skills will result in greater employee retention. This can lead to improved motivation and morale across your team while also being a more cost-effective solution to bringing in specialized skills.

3. Leverage new technologies

This year has forced companies to adopt new technologies that can better support their business in the new era of remote work. However, this requires specific specialized skills to maintain new digital advancements.

Providing digital upskilling programs for new and existing employees can allow you to leverage new technologies for your business.

Hire with Confidence

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