As the holidays quickly approach us, contrary to belief, hiring doesn’t stop during the holiday season. Neither should your job search. You may feel tempted to slow down your search or even wait until the new year to start again.

Don’t make this common mistake. Instead, use this time to get ahead and stand out. Leverage the season and use these simple tips to help you stay successful in your holiday job search.

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  1. Take advantage of downtime

The Holidays can be a slow for recruiting. Take advantage of this by focusing in on your job search. Many job seekers take a pause on the job hunt during this time of year, which can mean less competition. If you have vacation days you need to use before the year ends, consider taking time off to give you the chance to search for jobs, network, and update your resume, portfolio and LinkedIn profile.

  1. Network

The holidays are a time for reconnecting with family, friends, and past acquaintances. Holiday events give you the opportunity to professionally reconnect and grow your network. However, due to the pandemic, many of these events have transitioned to virtual. Professionals will continue to connect regardless of a pandemic. The importance of networking during COVID-19 is heightened since it is a vital part of the job-seeking process. In addition, building long-term relationships and creating a good reputation will strengthen your business connections.  Leverage these virtual events to help build and establish new connections. Send holiday cards to your networking contacts, recruiters, or employers you have encountered through your past job search.

  1. Be flexible

If you do land an interview during the holidays, be flexible with your schedule. The hiring process may take longer than usual during this time of year. Schedule that interview as soon as you can to help your chances of moving forward.

Also, this will show you’re motivated and driven to begin your next career opportunity.

  1. Work with a career counselor

Have you found yourself scrolling through job boards, applying to positions, and not hearing anything back during your holiday job search? Consider stepping away from the job boards and contact IT Resources, a career counselor specializing in the tech industry.

IT Resources works year-round to provide the path for successful placements. Our success is attributed to communication, patience, and expertise in matching people and positions. Contact us today to see how we can help you take the stress away from the holiday job hunt and find you your next opportunity.

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