5 Remote Job Interview Questions in 2021

As for any type of job interview, it’s incredibly important to come prepared with answers to common interview questions. If you are in the market for a remote position, be prepared to highlight your remote-working skills to show employers you have the proper discipline and work ethic to work from home effectively.

Employers want to determine if a candidate is self-disciplined, an effective communicator, organized, and manages their time well. As recruiting experts, we’ve compiled a list of common remote job interview questions that employers will ask candidates to determine how successful they will be in a remote role.

Essential Work from Home Interview Questions

How do you structure your day while working remotely?

When employers ask this, they want to determine if you can manage your time well and stay productive throughout the day. Working from home comes with many challenges, and the ability to structure your day to help avoid distractions is critical to perform any role successfully.

Employers ask work from home interview questions to find candidates who can organize their day and have a structured work routine. As the candidate, you’ll need to prove that you are self-disciplined. Go into detail and break down what a typical work-from-home day works for you.

How do you maintain effective communication with team members?

People ask this particular question to get a feel or how well a candidate can effectively communicate and collaborate with team members while working remotely. Maintaining effective communication is vital in a remote work environment. Be prepared with examples of how you’ve collaborated on projects in the past while working remotely.

What types of remote tools have you used?

While answering remote job interview questions, you want to show you are well-versed in remote in virtual collaborative platforms. Highlight the different tools you used, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, etc. This will show that candidates have experience using such tools and can communicate effectively through those mediums.

Furthermore, go into detail and explain how and why your team used these tools. Employers want to see that you have various best practices to work successfully in a remote role.

Lastly, this is a great chance to ask the hiring manager what types of remote tools their team uses. Again, this will show that you are interested in learning about the dynamics of your prospective team.

How do you stay motivated while working remotely?

Discuss how you can work independently but enjoy being on teams with regular communication through call, chat, or email. Hiring managers want to ensure that you can work through the distractions that come from being at home. Be prepared to discuss the different strategies you have that help you stay productive and on-task.

For years, employees faced work burnout. However, that COVID-19 pandemic caused burnout levels to rise after a shift in work culture dramatically. According to reports, 29% of fully remote workers have experienced severe burnout during the pandemic.  

When asking these types of work from home interview questions, employers want to ensure candidates are aware of the challenges of working remotely. Moreover, they want to see what strategies candidates have to balance both work and home life. 

Successfully avoiding WFH burnout depends on recognizing the signs. If you experience burnout, you can implement our WFH burnout tips to help make work life more manageable. 

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