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Our Process

We use extensive industry resources to search for the most experienced candidates. Once we assemble a group of applicants, our screening process identifies the best by interviewing, testing, and contacting references. After the search, we facilitate interviews and confirm post-interview interest between each party. Once you choose your ideal candidate, we assist you through the employment process until you’ve secured a new hire.

Most staffing companies believe that once a client and candidate have been matched, their job placement duties are over. We follow up after the new hire has started their employment to evaluate the fit and satisfaction of both parties on a regular basis.

    Download Our Salary Guide

    IT Resources salary guide containing top tech jobs in 2020

    In today’s candidate-driven market, companies are entrenched in an arms race for top talent, and candidates are busy deciding between multiple offers at any given time. The IT Resources 2020 Salary Guide lends insight to help job seekers properly evaluate those offers and ensure the offers companies are sending out are as competitive as they need to be.

    Salary Insights

    The guide contains the latest salary data for a wide array of jobs in IT, ranging from quality assurance to executive/enterprise leadership.

    IT Hiring Trends

    In addition to detailed salary information, we share our insight on a few of the latest hiring trends in IT and what it all means for organizations and candidates heading into 2020.

    In-Demand Roles

    Even in a sector as healthy as IT, there a few roles that seem to stand out from the rest. This guide offers a profile of a few of the more in-demand jobs as well as some of the skills/experience to select for.


    Matching Experienced IT Professionals to the Right Opportunities is Our Expertise.