How does the Process of Finding a New Job with IT Resources Work?


Although formal, our process is fun and personable to better understand your skills and talent so we can place you in a specific position.


When a position becomes available, we set up a call or in-person interview to go over the current opening with you to determine our next steps.


If you align well, we will proceed with an interview directly with the company while discussing interview best practices and providing support along the way

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Does working with IT Resources Corp cost me anything?

No, it does not.
Working with IT Resources Corp does not cost the job seeker anything. Our fees and efforts are covered by the employer seeking to fill current open IT positions. Working with IT Resources Corp provides you with opportunities to interview for opportunities that may not be published, giving an advantage over other seekers.

Real People Helping You Find a Better Career Path!

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Candidate Success Story

“Working with Chaz was awesome. He framed everything for me, met with me on-site at interviews and gave me the background information I’d need to going into them. I felt very prepared working with Chaz.”

Project Manager & Scrum Master

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