Businesses are facing unexpected disruptions. As employees transition from work to home, the usual in-person interviews take place as a Skype interview or video call. Although the hiring process appears different, it’s still moving. More than ever, companies use technology as the forefront of their hiring process. Those looking for jobs will most likely experience a video interview. As recruiting experts, we compiled a list of tips on how to prepare for video interviews.

Best Video Interview Tips

1. Choose the Right Setting

Find a private, quiet, well-lit place where free from interruptions. Ensure you have a decluttered background. Also, take lighting into consideration. Avoid setting up in front of a window because you’ll end up casting a shadow over you face. If you can, set up the camera where you face the window and have natural light surrounding you.

2. Check Your Tech

Whether you use Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts or Google Duo, familiarize yourself with the application beforehand. This ensures you downloaded the application to your phone or computer properly. After installation, always test your audio, camera, and internet connection to guarantee everything works. Minimize any possibility of a tech malfunction by double and triple checking the application.

3. Join Early

In case a malfunction does occur such as a connection error, join early. Join the interview a few minutes before the scheduled time to guarantee everything works. Malfunctions can cause anxiety that may affect the entire interview. By joining early, you can both fix the issue and start the call feeling prepared and confident.

4. Dress to Impress

Dress as though you have an in-person interview. One of the easiest ways on how to prepare for a video interview is dressing professionally. It’s also one of the easiest to mess up. You may feel tempted to wear pajamas or sweatpants. Nonetheless, this makes you appear unprofessional and lazy. You also might want to half-dress since an interview shows only your top half. However, in case you move, it’s best to dress fully. As recruiters, we’ve seen some horrifying mistakes involving people not completely dressing for the occasion.

5. Look at the Camera

Look directly into camera when speaking with your interviewer. It feels natural to look down at the computer screen as you always do. Also, you can look the interview in the eye by looking at them on your screen. However, to them, this will appear as if you’re staring elsewhere giving the impression you feel shy and submissive. By looking at the camera, you can keep eye-contact with your interviewer giving you a confident persona.

6. Silence Your Phone

Limit any disruptions, especially notifications from your phone. When considering tips on how to prepare for a video interview, silent all devices and notifications. If a device does not need to be turned on, turn it off. This includes the television, gaming systems, and any computers or cellphones that are unnecessary for the video interview.

7. Prepare for Video Interview Questions

Like any other interview, you’ll want to prepare ahead of time for the questions that your interviewer will ask. Check out these blogs on video interview questions:

8. Have your Resume, Notes, and a Pen Near You

Video interviews give you the benefit of glancing at notes. Because it’s a video, you don’t want your notes directly in front of you. Put stickies near the camera so it gives the impression you are gazing directly at the interviewer. As always, incase you need your resume, have it near you. Lastly, have a notepad and pen next to you in case you write down any information from the interviewer.

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