You’ve started your day bright and early at your new job and things couldn’t be going any better. You’ve followed all of our tips for your first day of work—but now it’s reaching midday and your stomach is starting to grumble. Do you have a plan?

How to Prep for Your First Lunch

When it comes to lunch on the first day, there’s a chance a generous boss will invite you out to lunch. Of course, if that happens, it’s best if you oblige, but you should not rely on that happening. The best plan is to pack a lunch, just to play it safe.

If it turns out you are on your own for lunch and your coworkers go out for a bite, join them! The same general rule of thumb applies to if your coworkers bring their lunches: join them in the break room for lunch.

Bring Brain Food

It’s a good idea to bring a couple of small snacks, some brain food, on your first day in case you still get hungry throughout the day. You do not want to be the first person to ask about lunch on your first day of work, so if you get hungry while you wait, you will have something to munch on.

Keep it Simple

Finally, be cognizant of what you bring to eat. Since you do not yet know your work environment, you will want to be sure any food you bring is not overly odorous so as to stink up the entire office. No one wants to be known as Hard-Boiled Egg Guy on their first day.

Not knowing the lunch protocol of your new workplace can make preparation tricky. You will want to do what you can on your first day to make a good impression with your boss and coworkers, and you also want to make sure you’ve eaten enough to be alert and attentive all day. Hopefully, with these tips, lunch on your first day will go smoothly.