Whether you are working as a freelance web designer or for a large agency, there are certain concepts and skills you should possess. Creating and designing a website that will direct traffic, gain loyal visitors, and develop relevant content is not an easy task. However, if you learn the necessary skills, you will become a valuable resource for those in the market for a web designer. Here is a list of important concepts web designers should be comfortable working with.

HTML, CSS and JavaScript textbooks for web designers

  1. HTML

HTML, which stands for HyperText Markup Language, is the foundation of how every website is built. HTML is what allows web designers and web developers to organize the way the website looks and give it structure.

Understanding HTML would be considered by many in the field a basic requirement. Even though it’s coding, it is fairly easy to learn given that it’s based on the English language.

It is also a cost-effective way of improving the way a website looks. All you need to learn the basics of HTML is a computer with a web browser, a plain text editor like NotePad, a helpful guide and a few hours of your time. Learning how to write it and read it will give you more control over your work.

  1. CSS

Considered to be HTML’s partner, there is CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Many of those who learn about HTML learn CSS at the same time because of its convenience.

While HTML allows the web designer to build the structure of the website, CSS will let you design its visual appearance. It can be used to set colors, fonts, backgrounds and determine the overall layout of the website.

CSS gives web designers a lot of flexibility since they can easily redesign and update the website’s appearance. Mastering the ability to understand CSS will give you more liberty when designing websites.

laptop sitting on table in cafe with easy user experience design on screen

  1. Java Script

JavaScript is a programming language supported by most web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari, among others. This tool makes a website a lot more visually appealing.

In addition, Javascript helps a website be more user-friendly by taking static elements and making them interactive including interactive maps, special effects, video plays, menu bars, animations, and more.

When a user interacts with the website and the website responds, that is the JavaScript’s result. Learning how to work with JavaScript can take more time than learning HTML and CSS, but this is a tool that web developers and designers should be comfortable working with.

  1. User Experience Design

This skill might arguably be one of the most important ones. Understanding how to enhance user experience is fundamental when building a website.

While it is vital to create and design content that is visually appealing, the time and effort put into it will be completely worthless if users can’t navigate it. When building a website, understanding the way users interact with it is just as important as its content and appearance.

Knowing how to deliver something that is both engaging and relevant is the end goal. CX (customer experience) designers must find a way to gain loyal users by delivering positive experiences to them.

woman's hands typing and creating SEO plan on laptop

  1. SEO

Knowledge in Search Engine Optimization will come in handy for anyone building websites.

Users typically rely on the top results that show up when they type their queries on the search engine. In order to get your website to be included in those top results, web designers need to have some understanding of SEO.

A website may be visually appealing, but if it is not driving traffic to it because it is not search-engine friendly, all the effort will be in vain. Brainstorming relevant content while using keywords and adding links to credible sources are just some of the ways that will help your website gain traffic.

  1. WordPress

One in four of all websites on the Internet is powered by WordPress, which could be because it is one of the easiest ways to create one that is reliable. In simple terms, this is an open-source management tool that allows for the creation and modification of website content without requiring minimal programming or coding knowledge.

Given that this is a simple and easy tool to use, there are some things that you cannot change with WordPress, such as the website’s structure. Certain limitations might come with this tool, but it is definitely a good starting point for beginners in the website designing field.

  1. Emotional Intelligence

EQ refers to the ability to be aware and control our emotions and to know how to influence others based on their own emotions. Those who possess this type of intelligence are also capable of handling interpersonal relations empathetically.

When it comes to web designers, this is an important skill to have.

Those that are emotionally intelligent will be able to connect with their clients on a deeper level, which will be useful to better understand their needs and what they expect from their websites. The term “emotional intelligence” has 5 main principles:

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