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Who We Are

For over 20 years, IT Resources has expanded along with its IT market leveraging our industry knowledge to present candidates with fulfilling opportunities. We attribute our success to communication, patience, and expertise by delivering talent that matches your specific needs, company culture, and technological aptitude. 

By staying connected to the IT sector, we anticipate challenges and deliver innovative solutions for our clients. IT Resources consults with you to determine your requirements and then sets out to find the best possible candidates through our comprehensive screening process. This encompasses factors such as the candidate’s fit with the client’s company culture.  

When you partner with us, we don’t just connect you to the top talent in the market, but we also offer hands-on assistance throughout the entire hiring process ensuring a seamless experience. 

IT Resources Staffing Solutions

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IT Resources Staffing Solutions

IT Resources was founded with the core belief that professional recruiting can be delivered in a more professional, more transparent, and more honest way. Our mission is to leverage our industry experience and market knowledge to present candidates with fulfilling opportunities that are aligned with their career goals. Helping candidates develop new expertise, grow in their careers, and ultimately create inflection points in their lives. 

Connecting Careers

“IT Resources engages candidates to understand their career goals, which direction they’re going, and how we can support that effort. We work hard to be career counselors so we can understand where someone wants to go in their career and how we can support that effort. ”

President of IT Resources

Client Testimonials

Tom, Director of Application Development2021-09-27T11:13:56-04:00

“As a hiring manager of IT Professionals, I demand highly specialized skills. In partnership with IT Resources, we have been able to attract and retain the talent we need to support the diverse and growing needs of the citizens of our county.” 

William F, Corporate VP2021-09-27T11:14:29-04:00

“During a major growth phase, IT Resources was able to augment our recruiting team and help us hire over 300 technical phone support representatives.”

Rob A, COO2021-09-27T10:46:23-04:00

“IT Resources is a great company for both employers and employees looking to match. Professional, hardworking, and interested in building long-term partnerships I can’t recommend them enough!”

Dennis B, QA Director2021-09-27T11:15:29-04:00

“As a QA Director, I have used IT Resources for my staffing needs, and they delivered with some quality QA professionals. I consider IT Resources my extended family; they have been there for me from the very beginning.”

Barbara S, Director of Training2021-09-27T11:01:20-04:00

“IT Resources has excelled in correctly understanding my staffing needs, asking all the right questions. Candidates for interview have been well screened, provided in a timely way and have been properly briefed about the available position. The folks at IT Resources have never failed in locating a well-qualified individual that also fits into the corporate culture.”  

Adam C, Director of IT2021-09-27T11:01:44-04:00

“I’ve leaned on the recruiting efforts of IT Resources for more than a decade now. Regardless of if I need an entry-level Help Desk or a Senior Architect, their team puts the same passion into their recruiting. Dan and Kevin really know their local market and it reflects on the kinds of candidates they produce and the way they do business.” 

Jennifer H, Product Owner2021-09-27T11:02:09-04:00

“If you are seeking to reach your career potential or looking to find top talent for your organization, then you MUST contact IT Resources for these professional services. Especially in this unique climate and economy – this choice will ensure the time spent will be used well and with maximum execution to solve your hiring desires. This is the most intelligent, professional decision you can make.” 

Jim H, IT Manager, Healthcare Industry2021-09-27T11:02:30-04:00

“I have worked directly with IT Resources for the last four years and they have outperformed their competition consistently. In short, they are a very valuable technical recruiting partner and I believe they possess just the skills and qualifications to deliver for any company that partners with them closely.”

Our Business Principles


Integrity is both the foundation and hallmark of IT Resources. Our ongoing objective is to ensure all interactions, whether with candidates, customers, and business partners, are conducted with the utmost integrity and professionalism.


We are more than just a business; we are part of a community. We encourage and value community engagement throughout our business and team members. We continuously look for opportunities to give back to organizations in the Southeast.


IT Resources works to hold the highest professional and ethical standards with respect to our employees, candidates, customers, and business partners. We work to earn our customer and candidate trust through active, open and transparent communication.


At IT Resources, our ongoing objective is to provide quality service amongst all parties involved. Through all steps of our recruiting process, we are committed to providing an easy, frictionless experience for our clients and candidates.


We are not just recruiters; we are career counselors. We strive to provide value in both your career and personal development. We pride ourselves on offering rewarding, challenging careers to our associates in a dynamic, stimulating workplace.

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