One of the great benefits afforded to professionals these days is the ability to work from home. You can avoid a long commute, help the environment, organize your schedule better, take care of your pet, and many others. However, many companies prefer to limit remote work due to abusing work from home privileges. Additionally, many of those who abuse remote work don’t do it intentionally. Factors such as kids and TV can easily distract you. You can boost productivity and remain on track by following these five tips for working remotely.

woman following tips for working remotely by setting up desk at home

Limit Distractions

Our first working from home tip for success starts with an adequate workspace. You need to make sure you have a workspace that helps separate work from home life. Try to eliminate any distractions such as a television and kids running in and out. Create a space that inspires you to work by adding a comfortable desk with a dual monitor and calendar. If it tends to get noisy at home, choose to work in a space with a door that can be shut. If you wear headphones, listen to music with no words. Research suggests listening to music with lyrics can distract your focus.

Establish a Routine

Start your day as if you commuted to the office. Wake up, get dressed, grab some breakfast and organize your day with a lunch break. Keep your schedule focused on accomplishing projects and tasks during work hours. Furthermore, avoid pushing tasks into the evening. Imagine leaving the office as you would normally. If you have something not work-related in the middle of the day, organize your schedule around it. And above all, stick to it.

Communicate and Keep Connected

Communicating with co-workers, clients, and management helps you stay on-task and focused. Tips for working remotely most definitely involve scheduling time for check-ins and one-on-ones. Also, chat online or via phone with co-workers if you are able to. This will help maintain a professional work relationship and keep you from falling into a lonely work environment. By showing others you stay pro-active, you demonstrate your maturity and how well you work from home.

Stay Alert and Keep Active

Use your flexible schedule to your advantage by keeping active. Consider going on a walk or a run in the morning or on your lunch break. When you take a break, get out of the house weather permitting, and give yourself a breather from your workspace. Research indicates that exercise and physical activity not only improve productivity but help your brain function better. This involves staying alert, awake, and on task. Additionally, try getting out into nature. This can help your stress level, change your mood, and benefit your heart.

Deliver Consistent Results

Plan to focus on getting tasks completed that are visible to others in the company. Unlike being in an office where being physically visible can suffice, working remotely requires more effort in the form of completed tasks. Communicate by updating statuses and time reports to meet the same benchmark. Along with scheduling, organize your day by setting goals on completing certain tasks.

man following tips for working remotely by working at desk and organizing deliverables

If you are considering a position that allows you work remotely, then take into consideration these tips and guidelines. And as always, a recruiter can communicate what has worked and not worked for others in similar positions. Take advantage of asking them the next time you would like to be a candidate for a remote position.