There are many factors to take into account when you are considering a new job.

Like anything, the more questions you ask, the more you learn and understand a topic. Creating a checklist before accepting a job offer can help you sort out wants and needs before accepting a job.  These five questions to ask before accepting a job are crucial, so you know what to expect regarding employee benefits packages. It is essential to understand these questions because you will be giving a lot of new time and hard work to the potential company.

Do I support the company’s mission?

The top priority on the checklist before accepting a job offer is if you support the potential company. If you do not support their mission and what they stand for, I’d consider a different company.

Make sure you look up the values of the company’s mission. Does the company show the values in its employees, mission, and ethics? You will want to work with people who hold similar values and ethics as you do, as there will likely be minor disagreement and more fluid teamwork.

Most people know that employees will not stay at a company forever. However, if you do want employees to stay with you for more extended periods, you will want your mission to be vital and add value to the company’s overall vision. It is crucial to think about this before accepting a job because it will cause you to want a shorter commitment or longer-term commitment.

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What do the employee benefits packages look like?

Health insurance is critical to have in this day in age. The quality of your health can sometimes depend on your wealth. Health insecure can cost a pretty penny; if you are lucky enough, your future company will offer a group plan for eligible employees.

Here are a few questions to ask when considering the health insurance benefits:

  • How long after I start am I eligible for benefits?
  • What is the yearly deductible?
  • What portion of the monthly premium am I responsible for?
  • What part of the monthly premium am I responsible for?
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In addition, if you are not married, you may want to ask if your plan still covered your partner. If the program does not have domestic coverage, you will have to figure something out with your partner.

More questions to ask before accepting a job are: What is the difference between an HRA, HRP, HSA, and FSA? Many companies move to consumer-driven and account-based health benefits, so there have been shifts to health-saving accounts and health reimbursement plans

Lastly, some health insurance plans have tiered premium schedules to pay to have the lower-paid spouse elect family coverage. Additionally, some programs can charge a spousal surcharge if your spouse has coverage available through their own employer. So, long story short, if one of the options offered is a high deductible plan, you may want to consider building a health savings account.   Employee benefits packages can be fundamental when it comes to evaluating a job offer.

Is there a 401K Program?

What exactly is a 401k?

A 401k plan is a type of retirement plan provided to each employee working full time by the employer. Typically, 401k plans offer a minimum of 3 investment models. When you place your money into these investment options, you will not pay any taxes on the earnings that go into the account every year until those funds are distributed.

The details of the 401K are essential, so make sure you are familiar with these questions as well:

  • What is the percentage of the employer match?
  • Is there a vesting schedule, or is it in a safe harbor 401k plan?
  • What are my investment options?

There are many benefits of a 401k plan, but here are a few listed out so you can inquire about them when on the job hunt:

  • Option of taking out loans. (Loans need to be paid back within 60 months with interest)
  • Employer contributions are tax-deductible.
  • Assets in the plan grow tax-free.
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Are you confident in the management and executive leadership? 

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This is something else you need to look at on the checklist before accepting a job offer. You will be around your co-workers and management for a good amount of your day-to-day life, so it is essential that you feel comfortable and trust them. Communication is vital to have with your manager, as it makes group tasks easier to complete.

It is also quintessential to keep your managers updated with how you are doing on tasks, what worked well, and what may not have worked as well.

What would be my immediate priorities in this position?

It is also essential to know your day-to-day activities, so you may want to ask what your schedule would look like in the role for the first month, first few months, six months, and a year. In addition, you could ask the employer what personal qualities and characteristics may help you succeed in the particular position. All of those are fundamental questions to ask before accepting a job offer.

When job descriptions and interviews are clear and concise, potential employees know exactly what tasks are expected and how they should perform. This will ultimately help the employers measure employee performance, evaluate their skills gaps, and lay out assistance for future learning and training.

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