5 Essential Soft Skills for IT Professionals

During the hiring process, employers are increasingly seeking soft skills to ensure a proper culture fit and effective communication within their company. Soft skills are just as important as technical skills for IT professionals and having the right set of soft skills in the workplace may just set you apart from your competition. As recruiting experts, we have compiled a list of the most essential soft skills for IT professionals.

1. Communication and Collaboration

One of the most essential soft skills for IT Professionals, strong communication enables you to relay technical information in a clear and concise manner. To solve technical issues, you will need to be able to communicate technical solutions to supervisors and team members both verbally and written.

Developers, programmers, and IT professionals regularly collaborate across business structures. For customer-facing roles, such Support Technicians and HelpDesk Specialists, effective communication is key to work with the customer on technical issues and solutions.

“The people who will thrive are the strong technologists who are capable of translating their expertise into terms that nontechnical people can understand.” – Ben Gaucherin

2. Critical Thinking

Employers value candidates who have particular soft skills in the workplace such as critical thinking. Candidates who think critically have the capacity to solve problems quickly on their feet. Many IT roles require the ability to think creatively and critically to solve technical solutions for various business needs.

In addition, a critical approach to issues allows you to plan effectively. As the working world continues to exist online and at home, tech professionals must plan and act in ways that reflect these challenges. Most IT students learn to think critically during their education. However, they must also use these skills in human and business issues.

3. Problem Solving

Problem-solving skills are also essential soft skills that allow you to determine the cause and right solution of an issue. Incorporating both critical thinking and problem-solving skills to a role will help excel as an IT professional.

4. Detail-Oriented

Soft skills for IT professionals include paying close attention to details to align strategy with technology outcomes. One simple error in a line of code can disrupt an entire program. Being detail-oriented enables you to solve problems such as a line of code that is not yielding the desired result.

Furthermore, this level of attention will help you both identify problems as soon as they arise and avoid them altogether. With a firm grasp on seeing issues as they occur and avoiding them, you save yourself and others time by not spending it on an additional or unnecessary task.

5. Time Management

As an IT professional, chances are you will be managing multiple projects while meeting deadlines. Excellent time and project management techniques are essential soft skills that involve the ability to make professional plans, set and reach goals, and work with colleagues to resolve project issues. Tech can be incredibly tedious at some points and very fast-paced the next, especially if you have many projects. Furthermore, research recently discovered that coding takes up only half the work day. The rest includes strategizing and meeting with colleagues. Therefore, soft skills for IT should include healthy time management.

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