The process of searching for a new job always comes with its own challenges. However, older professionals with many years of experience and skills to spares may face additional hurdles. To land a job in 2021, it’s in boomers best interest to more or less make your resume look younger. Therefore, check out our list of resume tips for older job seekers that will help get you the interview in 2021.

1. Make Your Resume Look Younger Using Recent & Relevant Experience

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Leaving out older work history may feel like your discounting years of hard work and accomplishments. However, we recommend only including experience within the last 10-15 years at most. By not adding every job you have ever worked can help you make your resume look younger. It also follows best resume practices by making lengthy resumes succinct.

When deciding what experience to include on your resume, consider if that experience relates to the job you apply for. In the case where your most relevant experience exceeds 15 years, you can include a separate section in your resume for Additional Relevant Experience. Here, you can highlight experiences that relate to the job you apply for without including dates.

2. Customize Your Resume for Each Application

One of the most overlooked resume tips for older job seekers includes considering the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Many recruiters use ATS to search for new applicants. Moreover, ATS pushes your resume through an automatic system. It optimizes it using algorithms and determines if it is relevant for the recruiter. ATS exists because when hundreds of applicants apply to one job, the recruiter can only do so much.

Therefore, you must tailor your resume to the specific role you find. To help beat the algorithm, include dates in chronological order. Choose keywords from the job posting and incorporate them into your resume.

3. Create a LinkedIn Profile

If you do not already have a LinkedIn profile, create one. Our LinkedIn tips for older job seekers help digitize your resume in a world of social distancing. Furthermore, more than 87% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn to source new talent. LinkedIn gives great advance and tutorials for you to succeed. You can easily make your resume look younger by simply transitioning it to LinkedIn.

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Other great resume tips for older workers with skills to spare include getting on LinkedIn. Although we still don’t recommend putting all your experience on your profile, LinkedIn can somewhat surpass the issue of having a lengthy resume. You can add more skills to the profile since it includes a “see more” button.

Only include the most recent experience on your resume. Be sure to showcase any relevant projects, certifications, and organizations. When other people see the projects and organizations, they get the full picture of who you are and what you do. Once you create your profile, customize your LinkedIn URL. Next, add it to the top of your resume so recruiters can easily search your profile. For more helpful tips on setting up your LinkedIn profile, click here.

4. Highlight Recent Skills and Certifications

With a long work experience, boomers typically have many skills they developed while working. If you have had any recent training or obtained certifications within the past years, be sure to include them on your resume with dates of when you completed each. If you see certain skills or certifications required among the roles you are interested in, consider taking online courses that pertain to those specific skills, tools, or platforms. It is important to show employers that you have a real understanding of the in-demand skills within your field and you are able to speak to those skills.

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