Contract work within the information technology industry has always been extremely prevalent. Many IT professionals choose contract work over a full-time role for a variety of reasons. IT contractors operate on a fixed-term basis, where they work on specific projects, as opposed to traditional full-time professionals who are employed on an ongoing basis.

Many IT contractors also work with a recruiting agency as a W2 employee. That means they are employed by the agency and working for one of their clients. There are many benefits of working with a recruiting agency, you can read about them here.

Are you considering a contract position? Below are four advantages of IT contract work.

1. Gain new skills & experience

Working a contract gives an IT professional the opportunity to gain experience from a variety of different projects. IT contractors have the chance to learn various technologies, platforms, and processes within different companies which gives them a broader scope of technical skills and experience, that they wouldn’t typically receive in a full-time role that only focuses in one area of work. 

2. Grow your professional network

Contract work is a great way to build your professional network. Being a part of many different IT teams allows you to meet a variety of people within the technical industry. This can pave the way for your next contract role.  

3. Higher Wages

Contract work within the IT Industry has the opportunity to earn higher wages compared to a regular full-time employee. Employers do not have to pay benefits, unemployment insurance, holiday or vacation pay to contractors, so contractors may receive a higher paycheck since these items are not being deducted out. 

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4. Demand for IT Contractors

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruption to businesses across all industries. McKinsey Global Institute conducted a global survey of business executives in June 2020 that suggested the effects of this disruption will accelerate certain workforce trends. One of the trends that this survey identifies is the increased demand for contractors.  More employers are turning to contract roles to stay flexible during market fluctuations and to also help with one-time projects that require a specific set of technical skills.

If you find yourself in a position where the pandemic has affected your job or are having difficulty landing a full-time position, it may be time to consider an IT contract role.

At IT Resources we specialize in Professional IT Placements. We offer contract, contract-to-hire, and full-time opportunities. Our industry experience and market knowledge let us pair the most talented IT professionals to the best tech jobs for the future. 

If you are seeking a contract position, our team of technical recruiters can help guide you to role that fits your skillset and interest. If you are still unsure about a contract opportunity, our recruiters can discuss with you whether that route is a good option for your specific career goals.