Unemployment rates are at their lowest in 50 years. Plus, the number of open jobs industry-wide vastly outnumbers the amount of available let alone qualified candidates to fill them. This squeeze is especially tight in IT. Furthermore, 75 percent of organizations expect to experience business disruptions at some level due to the talent shortage. In attempt to alleviate much of these hiring challenges, companies rely on recruiting agencies. To attract qualified candidates fast, it’s best to work with technical recruiters who specialize in your industry. Recruiting firms that focus on a technical field such as information technology or healthcare have the expertise within those fields to pair top talent to positions and companies.

3 Reasons to Use Recruiters Specialized in IT

1. Industry Experience

Whether you’re seeking a new opportunity or looking to staff up, specialized recruiters have the industry expertise. This helps with pairing candidates and fulfilling opportunities that align with their goals in mind. Industry knowledge matches candidates to an organization’s needs.

Specialized recruiters understand what to look for in terms of experience level, skillsets, and certifications.

In addition, their work experience helps them identify experience related to that industry and position. Furthermore, it lets recruiters pair the most talented professionals with top companies. Whatever your specific business or trade is, they can help.

2. Market Knowledge

Specialized agencies are well-versed within the job market. It’s their job to be up-to-date with the hiring trends within that specific industry and job market.

Additionally, they can provide hands-on assistance throughout the entire hiring process, including facilitating interviews, supporting negotiations, and following up to ensure satisfaction. By understanding the market, they also understand the value of certain types of resumes.

Plus, they know many assessments taken during the hiring process.

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3. Saving Time

Partnering with specialized recruiting firms can speed up the hiring process. A recruiter’s entire focus is finding candidates who fit the position, qualifications, and company culture.

In turn, this speeds up the hiring process and saves companies time and money on hiring efforts.

With technical recruiters, you have career counselors who strive to get results within the industry. They are responsive to your needs and can easily discuss goals related to the field and industry since they’ve been there before.

IT Resources:
Your IT Staffing Solution

At IT Resources, we focus on information technology professionals. Our industry experience and market knowledge lets us pair the most talented IT professionals to match an organization’s specific needs. We focus on culture and aptitude as well as technology.

Information technology recruiters are extremely helpful and cost-effective when it comes to identifying and placing talent within your company.

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Depending on your company’s size, your internal HR department may receive hundreds of resumes for various internal positions. Our job as a technical recruiter is to understand your objectives and needs. Then, we have you interview only top candidates that align with your objectives. This saves time and provides for effective placement as your company continues to grow.

Our network is vast. As Florida expands, so do our connections in the market for highly skilled technology professionals. Through continual communication with IT professionals in the local workforce, or just moving into our area, we can provide your company with the talent you require.

Contact us today to learn more about positions we fill and how we can help you find the top IT talent:

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